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NIB's leadership team oversees and administers a complex, multi-faceted program under the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Act that serves thousands of Americans who are blind.

Members of NIB's Board of Directors and management team have vast knowledge and experience in the corporate, nonprofit, federal procurement, manufacturing and services worlds. NIB's leaders are passionate about empowering people who are blind to achieve economic and personal independence.

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NIB Board of Directors

Vikram Agarwal, Esq. Reinhard Mabry*
Platt Allen, III Susan Markel, CPA
Al Avina John H. Mitchell, III
Ken J. Fernald* Michael Monteferrante
Brigadier General Kristin K. French, USA (Ret.) Susan Mustacchio
Richard T. Ginman Tamara Owen
Paul M. Healy, Ph.D., A.C.A. The Honorable Neil Romano
  Karen S. Walls, CPA*

*Executive Committee Members

NIB Executive Team

Kevin A. Lynch, President and Chief Executive Officer

Angela Hartley, Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer 

Steven T. Brice, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jon Katz, Vice President, Business Development and Channels

Heather Lyons, General Counsel

Andy Mueck, Vice President, Operations

Carrie Laney, Executive Director, New York State Preferred Source Program for New Yorkers Who Are Blind