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AbilityOne Champions

Become an AbilityOne Champion

An AbilityOne Champion is an elected federal policymaker who has demonstrated support for the AbilityOne Program and for related community-based nonprofit agencies in his or her district or state through congressional actions while supporting the enhancement of opportunities for economic and personal independence of persons who are blind or have other severe disabilities.

Check out all of our AbilityOne Champions who are currently in office.


To become an AbilityOne Champion, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Meet with an AbilityOne Program associated nonprofit agency representative in your Washington, D.C., office.
  2. Visit an AbilityOne Program associated nonprofit agency employment location and meet employees who are blind producing products or providing services for federal agency customers.
  3. Purchase and use SKILCRAFT® and other products produced through the AbilityOne Program in your office.
  4. Support the AbilityOne Program through a letter, statement of support via social media channels, press conference or Congressional Record statement, introduction to a federal agency or sponsorship of legislation.

If you have any questions about becoming an AbilityOne Champion, contact Rick Webster, vice president, public policy, at 703-310-0365 or