Procurement Excellence.

From kitting to contract management, SKILCRAFT Services offers an array of contracting options to meet your diverse needs, all while employing people who are blind in careers of their choosing.


Our mission goes beyond simplifying the procurement process. With SKILCRAFT, you can cost-effectively contract for vital services while creating meaningful employment opportunities for people who are blind. Choosing SKILCRAFT means making a difference while benefiting from efficient procurement solutions.

Streamlined ProcurementWith SKILCRAFT Services, there is no need to issue solicitations or maintain bidder lists. We remove the administrative burden, allowing you to focus on core objectives. Our services simplify the procurement process without compromising quality, ensuring efficiency and compliance with federal acquisition regulations.
Meet Requirements, Explore OpportunitiesElevate your impact while meeting government requirements with SKILCRAFT Services contracted through the AbilityOne® Program. From kitting, machining, and fabrication services to Section 508 compliance, we provide a wide range of options to meet mission requirements.
Expert SupportCount on us for technical support and regulatory assistance, ensuring the services procured provide the best value while meeting mandatory source requirements. Discover a range of services where skills seamlessly meet requirements and experience the benefits of procuring with purpose.


Our commitment to excellence empowers procurement officers like you to effectively streamline sourcing solutions by simplifying complex processes for more efficient and cost-effective acquisitions. SKILCRAFT offers a comprehensive range of services, including contract management support, kitting solutions, and contact center services, all tailored to meet your diverse needs. Discover how SKILCRAFT can enhance your procurement experience, deliver tangible benefits, and transform your operations.


We’re more than a service provider; we are a mission-driven partner. When you choose SKILCRAFT, you’re not just selecting top-quality solutions; you’re supporting the greater mission – providing employment opportunities for people who are blind.  When you contract SKILCRAFT services through the AbilityOne Program, you provide opportunities for people who are blind to become wage earners and taxpayers, reducing their reliance on government support and increasing engagement with their communities. By procuring SKILCRAFT Services, you don’t just meet mission requirements — you actively contribute to empowering people who are blind to achieve financial independence, and foster self-reliance. Make an impact, one SKILCRAFT service at a time.


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