There’s no grit too thick for SKILCRAFT Home Cleaning Essentials!

SKILCRAFT® Mesh Scrubber The perfect all-around cleaning tool!
SKILCRAFT® Sticky Mop No grit too thick!
SKILCRAFT® Angled Head Roller Mop No spill stands a chance!


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SKILCRAFT Mesh Scrubber, Sticky Mop and Angled Head Roller Mop

Note: Items not scaled to size.

SKILCRAFT Mesh Scrubbers

SKILCRAFT® Mesh Scrubber

The SKILCRAFT® Mesh Scrubber is the perfect all-around cleaning tool for everything from the bathroom to the kitchen. Built to be tough on stains and grit but will not hold dirt or scratch bathroom and kitchen surfaces.



The SKILCRAFT® Sticky Mop is the best friend to anyone who needs to make quick cleaning work of lint, hair, crumbs, and dust from carpets, drapes, stairs, and more. This roller has an extendable handle to 45” and is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with 30 refillable sticky sheets for cleaning up the grime.

SKILCRAFT Angled Head Roller Mop

SKILCRAFT® Angled Head Roller Mop

Clean any surface with the SKILCRAFT® Angled Head Roller Mop. Highly absorbent, this mop makes quick work of large and small messes. Just pull the handle to remove excess water out of the sponge and it is ready to go!

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"Finding work was a challenge. Whenever my eyesight came up, job interviews pretty much ended. Then I learned about NIB. Today I manage a team of 20 people who are blind, providing quality products to the U.S. military and their families. And just like the military, my team always gives 100%."

- Jeana Angelini
Industries for the Blind, Milwaukee

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SKILCRAFT Is A Brand Owned And Licensed By National Industries for the Blind (NIB)

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Our mission is to enhance the opportunities for economic and personal independence of people who are blind, primarily through creating, sustaining, and improving employment.

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