Entrepreneurial Initiatives

E-commerce Entrepreneurial Initiative

NIB’s talent management enterprise NSITE has partnered with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) to offer an entrepreneurial program to help people who are blind stand up their own e-commerce business. 

The business will use NIB’s existing e-commerce technology to host a fully functional, branded online storefront with more than 40,000 products. Products offered include SKILCRAFT® office supplies, cleaning supplies, and breakroom products manufactured by people who are blind and have significant disabilities working at nonprofit agencies across the country.

NSITE is providing training, mentoring, and hands-on experience to help the business owner succeed. Training includes advanced assistive technology training; sales and digital marketing; and technical training for the e-commerce platform. Training may also include a comprehensive fellowship for the owner to gain real-word experience in organizing, forming, and running the business.

For more information, contact:

Thomas Lehrich, tlehrich@nib.org
Jonathan Lucus, jlucus@nsite.org

Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB)
John Oliveira, john.oliveira@state.ma.us