Contract Management Support

SKILCRAFT Contract Management Support (CMS) Services

Contract Management Support (CMS) services are specifically designed to provide contract closeout support services to federal government contracting offices. CMS services will help mitigate the critical government shortage of contract specialists by focusing on providing post-contract award administration support services that are not inherently governmental functions.

NIB’s CMS program frees up time for government personnel to focus on mission-critical and inherently-governmental functions, while at the same time facilitating the return of unused obligated contract funds to the government.

CMS Infographic that includes a high level overview of the program

CMS Program Impact

  • $25.7 billion in funds identified for de-obligation
  • 99.6% accuracy rate
  • 550,000+ ready-to-close contracts and 11 million images scanned

Case Study: U.S. Army Contracting Command – Rock Island

In 2011, the U.S. Army Contracting Command at Rock Island, Illinois, found itself with nearly 10,000 completed contracts from procurements related to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Government contracting personnel partnered with the Chicago Lighthouse, an NIB-associated nonprofit agency, to process the completed contracts and return the de-obligated funds to the U.S. Treasury. A team of six people who are blind worked on the contract on site at the Army’s location. By 2013, the team was performing with such high effectiveness and efficiency that the government increased its size to 13 contract specialists, allowing the Army Contracting Command to process its backlog of open contracts at a faster rate.


  • Received 9,000+ contracts
  • Closed 8,000 contracts since Sep 2011
  • De-obligated $131.9 million
  • Exceeded yearly close-out expectations

Employees working through the AbilityOne Program, including Wounded Warriors and Service-Disabled Veterans, gain much-needed employment opportunities in a career-oriented, upwardly mobile professional field.

Read the CMS Program fact sheet to learn more.

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