Contact Centers

SKILCRAFT Contact Centers

NIB offers state-of-the-art contact center capabilities throughout the country. Our highly trained contact center agents deliver outstanding customer service and build long-term partnerships. We consistently exceed industry standards on speed of calls answered and overall quality, as well as other metrics.

SKILCRAFT contact center services include:

  • Inbound/outbound support
  • Switchboard operations
  • Tier 1 Help Desk support
  • Customer Service
  • Order and claims processing
  • Quality Assurance monitoring and coaching
  • Mystery shopping
  • 24/7 support
  • Spanish speaking agents

Why Choose NIB?

  • Flexibility: NIB provides services at the customer’s facility or at our established contact centers.
  • Service: NIB contact centers are staffed by a highly skilled yet largely untapped workforce: people who are blind. These dedicated, motivated agents bring the knowledge and experience you need, and your customers demand.
  • Program Management – NIB provides complete program management support by providing your customers a single point of contact for all contract- and operations-related issues. NIB also delivers process improvements that lead to overall operational efficiencies and customer satisfactions.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Attrition Rate

  • Industry Average: 40%
  • NIB: 18%

Service Level Requirement

  • Industry Average: 80%
  • NIB: 93%

Call Quality Metrics

  • Industry Average: 90%
  • NIB: 98%

Case Study: U.S. Air Force Mobility Command (AMC) Switchboard

NIB handles inbound calls from military personnel.

• Combined 17 switchboards to one centralized call center for AMC/ACC

• Reduced call volume from 4 million to 2.4 million annually

• 80% of calls answered in 30 seconds or less; 99% answered within two minutes

• 24/7 operation

• Consolidation resulted in $5 million in savings for the Air Force

Read the NIB Contact Center Operations fact sheet to learn more.

Procure SKILCRAFT Services

To procure NIB services, contact the NIB services team at 1-877-438-5963 or