SKILCRAFT is the brand name for quality products manufactured by people who are blind. Government and commercial customers can choose from a wide range of thousands of different SKILCRAFT products to meet their business needs. SKILCRAFT products are available to federal government customers through the AbilityOne Program. The SKILCRAFT brand is owned and licensed by National Industries for the Blind.

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Easy Ordering

Ordering SKILCRAFT products and other products provided through the AbilityOne Program is easy and convenient. Select from a variety of purchasing options.

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Smile female employee holding a handful of pens


Fulfill your office needs with high-quality, competitively-priced SKILCRAFT office products made by people who are blind.

Female employee packing a box of medical gloves in factory


SKILCRAFT industrial products include professional-grade tools, safety equipment, paint and hardware, and more.

Smiling male employee cutting camouflage fabric for military uniforms


People who are blind take pride in serving their country through the manufacture of SKILCRAFT products that support the U.S. military.

Female employee who is blind assembling products in factory


Discover how NIB can develop a solution to meet your needs while providing jobs to thousands of highly-skilled people who are blind.

Smiling male employee applying labels to Jaws cleaning solution products


Purchase cleaning supplies, household supplies, and personal care products — paper goods, mops and brooms, kitchen gadgets, soaps, and more — and grow opportunities for economic and personal independence for employees who are blind.

Employee working at BSC holding up a SkilCraft product

Base Supply Centers

NIB operates 150+ AbilityOne Base Supply Centers on military bases and in federal installations. These stores harness the resources of NIB’s nationwide network of providers to offer thousands of SKILCRAFT and other quality products to government and military customers.