Meet NIB’s 2024 Class of Advocates for Leadership and Employment 

Advocacy makes legislators aware of the needs of their constituents, including people who are blind, and nobody is better equipped to tell the NIB story than the people who live it.  

NIB launched the Advocates for Leadership and Employment program in 2012 to help people who are blind represent their community to their elected officials. Each spring, NIB’s public policy team welcomes a new class of Advocates from NIB associated agencies across the country who will take part in a two-year training initiative designed to grow their advocacy skills.  

Through the program, Advocates learn more about the public policy process, including effective communication and advocacy strategies, as well as about current grassroots initiatives. They participate in ongoing training courses and receive weekly updates from NIB staff on current advocacy efforts. 

The annual NIB/NAEPB Public Policy Forum brings all of the Advocate classes together for updated training and presents speakers and panels on the most up-to-date topics facing our community. The forum concludes with a day on Capitol Hill, where the Advocates meet with legislators from their individual states and home districts. During these meetings, Advocates share their own experiences and encourage their elected officials to support the mission of NIB and its associated agencies: increasing employment opportunities for people who are blind.

Meet NIB’s 2024 class of Advocates