NIB Display Cases

Welcome to NIB’s event and training center display cases!

The display cases on NIB’s second floor event and training center showcase NIB’s history. The first display case, closest to the elevators, contains artifacts from NIB’s headquarters construction. Click here for an audio description of the building display case, narrated by Judy Szabo, senior specialist, product development, NIB.

The next series of display cases contain a series of posters describing NIB’s storied history. The posters are divided into seven “eras,” with the most recent era beginning in the case across from the elevator bank. Click the links below for an audio description of each poster.

Timeline introduction. (Narrated by Tiffany Jolliff, former research coordinator, NIB.)

Setting the Stage. (Narrated by Michael Hickman, associate ERP support analyst, NIB.)

The Birth of NIB. (Narrated by Shawn Spengler, director, product management, Niche and MRO products, NIB.)

Wartime Production Spike. (Narrated by Doug Goist, program manager, services and IT projects, NIB.)

Expanding Reach. (Narrated by Kathy Gallagher, learning and development manager, NIB.)

New Endeavors. (Narrated by Ned Rupp, veterans affairs specialist – wounded warriors, NIB.)

Increasing Sophistication. (Narrated by Karen Burns, services manager, contract management support, NIB)

NIB’s Impact. (Narrated by Kevin Campbell, senior director, products and services, NIB.)