NSITE’s Jonathan Lucus Discusses Recruiting Challenges with Washington Business Journal

headshot of Jonathan Lucus wearing a black suit, white shirt and tie against a gray backdrop

Jonathan Lucus, executive director of NIB’s talent management enterprise, NSITE, joined Washington Business Journal (WBJ) Publisher Alex Orfinger recently on WBJ’s Executive Insights to discuss the challenges companies face in today’s tight labor market. Lucus explained how NSITE is working to open up new avenues for employers to diversify their talent search by connecting them with a traditionally overlooked segment of the workforce: People who are blind or low vision.

group of visually impaired employees - one female and two males - laughing together in an office setting.

Lucus and Orfinger discussed the positive impact hiring people who are blind or have other disabilities can have on company culture and the bottom line. Lucus said that for many employers, the biggest obstacle to accessing this untapped source of talent is overcoming preconceived ideas about hiring people with disabilities. Once employers set aside those biases, he explained, NSITE is ready to assist with finding qualified candidates, providing any needed training, and onboarding new employees. Click here to access the full interview.

To learn more about NSITE, career development programs and initiatives it supports, and its success in increasing employment opportunities for people who are blind or low vision, check out this feature story on WBJ’s Workforce Insights page.