Saluting A Great American Workforce

employee who is visually impaired working on prescription bottling line

As the season winds down and people look forward to one final long summer holiday weekend, it is important to pause and remember what Labor Day is about: A day to recognize the social and economic achievements of the people who make up the American workforce and their many contributions to our country’s strength, prosperity, and well-being.

At NIB, we refer to people who are blind working at our nearly 100 associated nonprofit agencies as our Great American Workforce. Whether supporting military operations or disaster and humanitarian response efforts, for more than 80 years, these associated agency employees have been answering the nation’s call to service.

During the pandemic, our Great American Workforce has stepped up to the plate time and again to provide products like personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical supplies that help health care professionals; first responders; the U.S. military; and federal, state, and local governments fight COVID-19. They’ve also delivered essential services, such as assisting governments with answering calls from citizens seeking information on resources and services.

For years our Great American Workforce has been providing the U.S. military with critical services and products to equip and protect warfighters at home and abroad. We also maintain continuity and availability of essential products and services for our nation’s veterans.

NIB associated agencies pay members of our Great American Workforce competitive wages and benefits, and offer dynamic career paths that provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement in fields of their choosing. But don’t just take our word for it – visit where you can access videos of members of our Great American Workforce explaining how meaningful employment has transformed their lives.

This Labor Day and every day, we appreciate the work of the Great American Workforce of people who are blind and their contributions not only to our national economy, but to our understanding of their boundless potential.