SKILCRAFT Brand Refresh


Growth by its very nature requires change, and NIB has always been about growth. Not just growing the number of people who are blind employed in our associated nonprofit agencies but growing new opportunities for people who are blind to pursue careers in fields of their choosing. And as technological advances have changed our economy, those career choices have increasingly grown to include services.

That’s one reason NIB decided to refresh our iconic SKILCRAFT® brand to encompass the knowledge-based services available through many of our associated agencies. Unifying our products and services under a single brand makes it easier than ever for customers to remember that SKILCRAFT is ready to meet a growing array of needs. Our refreshed brand has a bold new logo and an updated brand architecture to help customers better understand the breadth and depth of SKILCRAFT offerings — from office supplies to military gear to contract management support and contact center services — and the impact their purchases can have on empowering people who are blind.

For more than six decades, SKILCRAFT has delivered quality, reliability, and value while fulfilling a greater purpose: Growing opportunities for Americans who are blind to achieve economic and personal independence through meaningful careers. While the look is different, the SKILCRAFT brand promise hasn’t changed: Exceptional quality. Extraordinary impact.

You can read more about the evolution of the SKILCRAFT brand in this Opportunity magazine article.

We invite you to join us as we continue to grow the offerings available under the SKILCRAFT brand and in turn, grow opportunities for people who are blind to reach their career potential.