The brand you’ve come to know and depend on has expanded offerings and a fresh new look. In addition to quality products, professional services are now available under a unified SKILCRAFT brand. In the office, in the field, and everywhere in between, SKILCRAFT is ready to meet your requirements. When you purchase SKILCRAFT products and services, you create U.S.-based jobs for Americans who are blind, including our nation’s veterans.

“To our employees who are blind or visually impaired, SKILCRAFT is an opportunity to show the world what they’re made of.”

Seth Anderson, IFB Solutions

“The SKILCRAFT brand symbolizes independence for the people who are blind who make the products and provide the services. It dispels stereotypes about the capabilities of people who are blind.”

Lise Pace, Bosma Enterprises
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How to purchase SKILCRAFT products and services

The SKILCRAFT product line includes thousands of different offerings, from office and cleaning supplies to a wide range of products to equip the U.S. military. A variety of SKILCRAFT services are also available, including contact centers, contract management support, supply chain management, and more. Click the links below to learn more.