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Business Leaders Program

Enhancing Career Success for People Who Are Blind

NIB’s unique Business Leaders Program was launched in 2003 to prepare individuals who are blind for careers in business, by providing educational and employment opportunities through professional development. The Business Leaders Program offers six professional development tracks:


Business Management Training

Business Management Training (BMT) is a 15-month program that develops critical business perspective and management abilities, taught by George Mason University (GMU) at their Arlington Campus in Metro Washington D.C.

BMT targets qualified, high-potential employees of NIB and NIB associated agencies who are blind and demonstrate leadership potential. Throughout the five on-location classroom sessions, participants build critical skills while earning a Certificate in Management from GMU Business School.

Emerging Professionals

Emerging Professionals is an onsite, hands-on professional development model that targets high-potential employees who are legally blind for job progression. This competency-based program works in partnership with NIB associated agencies - it is implemented by the agency while resourced by NIB. The program is customized to meet the professional development needs of each participant.

At the participant's place of employment, Emerging Professionals supports upward mobility through job enhancement and readiness. The program shapes participant's productivity, overall performance, interpersonal skills, and agency-wide acumen for the position and career track they are currently in.

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Effective Supervision: Leading the Way

Effective Supervision was delivered to 72 participants in 2011 through 2017. The program develops participants’ abilities to perform supervisory jobs with greater productivity, effectiveness and responsibility, and keep business operations running smoothly with positive outcomes.This program includes self-study and three participant-centered classroom sessions, spread over a period of 10 months. The program includes a session on performance coaching for participants' managers, who play a significant role in helping participants apply what they learn.

Business Basics

These convenient, self-paced distance learning courses focus on entry-level business and workplace concepts, providing practical skills for immediate use.  NIB, in partnership with The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired, delivers courses useful to everyone seeking greater understanding of business fundamentals as well as skills that enhance employee effectiveness. They are free and open to anyone who is visually impaired and meets Hadley’s eligibility requirements. Also, you will earn certificates of completion.

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Fellowship for Leadership Development

This dynamic program combines business-focused, on-the-job experience with professional development activities. Legally blind individuals are selected based on experience, competence, academic achievement, motivation, references and interviews.

Successful fellows have landed professional and upwardly mobile professional managerial positions in the broader business community and the NIB network of associated nonprofit agencies.

Leaders At All Levels

Leaders At All Levels is on-site training that focuses on fundamental skills and qualities that enhance workplace effectiveness throughout NIB's network of associated agencies. The training has something for everyone in the areas of interpersonal communication and teamwork, with the benefit of enhancing effectiveness and morale.

Sessions incorporate videos, discussion and small group exercises to build skill sets for nearly everyone. There is no cost to the agency – NIB provides the materials and the instructor. 

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For questions or to discuss any of the Business Leaders Program tracks, please contact Karen Pal, Program Director, at 703-310-0515 or