NIB delivers award-winning training and professional development for people who are blind through its talent management enterprise, NSITE.

NSITE’s Professional Mastery of Office Technology for Employment (ProMOTE) training program provides advanced training to assistive technology (AT) users who are blind or have low vision. Today’s office professional is inundated with information and is required to find, analyze, filter, compile, edit and distill large amounts of data from a variety of sources quickly and efficiently. To compete in this environment, assistive technology users must be a savvy computer user and keep pace with the demands of the modern office.  Many users of AT have received a base level of computer training that has allowed them to perform most of their essential job and life tasks. However, these base computer skills are often not sufficient to allow them to perform at the level required in a modern office setting. This program has an exclusive focus on building up students’ fundamental skills with AT, Microsoft Office, troubleshooting skills and Internet browsing and applying these skills to project-based, time sensitive tasks that mirror what they will find in the workplace.

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What are the benefits?

  • ProMOTE takes students through all the most common computer related office tasks from start to finish through a mixture of formal classroom instruction and rigorous, time-sensitive project-based work.
  • ProMOTE uses an innovative approach to serving transition-age youth and adults focusing on individualized and customized strategies that inspire success.
  • Individuals experience opportunities to advance in career paths, similar to the opportunities to advance in career paths that their peers without disabilities receive.     

What does ProMOTE teach?

ProMOTE is designed for students who have an intermediate knowledge of their AT and the computer but need additional training to compete in the modern office. All topics covered are taught from the ground up to help close any learning gaps each student might have.  By the end of the four-week program, ProMOTE graduates have mastered Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as internet research and creating accessible documents.

How can I take the training?

NSITE designed a qualification program for NIB associated agencies to be approved to conduct the ProMOTE Training.  Currently there are two agencies that are conducting the training.

East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind

Blind and Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh

You can also learn more about ProMOTE in this Opportunity magazine article.

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