Sourcing Certificate Program

NSITE Sourcing Certificate Program

NIB delivers award-winning training and professional development for people who are blind through its talent management enterprise, NSITE.

NSITE partnered with The Sourcing Institute Foundation and Orion Global Talent to launch a Sourcing Certification Training Program to provide the education and training needed to enter a career in sourcing for individuals who are blind and visually impaired.

Sourcing is an integral part of recruiting – recruiting doesn’t exist without candidates.

Sourcing refers to the initial part of recruiting where passive candidates are found through a variety of methods. NSITE’s Sourcing Certification Program provides comprehensive instruction in using and applying the tools, resources and research needed to locate passive candidates and their contact information. The sourcer then “hands off” this information to a team of recruiters who carry out the qualification, interview, and placement process.

Career opportunities for professional sourcers is extensive, has seen consistent growth over the past several decades and is expected to continue well into the future. Positions exist within companies where they support recruiters as well as at many executive search/recruiting agencies. The professional sourcing career field offers some unique aspects. It can be done any time, in any internet connected location and offers remote employment opportunities.

The focus of the program is to provide individuals with the training to become certified in Sourcing and assist participants with job placement.

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